The Delineator May 1918


New York City Subway, 1946 by Stanley Kubrick (via)

“I wanted to retain the mood of the subway, so I used natural light,” he said. People who ride the subway late at night are less inhibited than those who ride by day. Couples make love openly, drunks sleep on the floor and other unusual activities take place late at night. To make pictures in the off-guard manner he wanted to, Kubrick rode the subway for two weeks. Half of his riding was done between midnight and six a.m. Regardless of what he saw he couldn’t shoot until the car stopped in a station because of the motion and vibration of the moving train. Often, just as he was ready to shoot, someone walked in front of the camera, or his subject left the train.” -Stanley Kubrick


Hand grasping a beautiful young woman’s long, dark hair. c1910

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c. 1910 (Via)

Gabrielle Ray & Dorothy Craske in Lady Madcap, 1905.
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Chistmas cover of “L’illustration”, 1896 by Alphonse Mucha

# 1900s

Coney Island embrace. New York, 1938.


U.S. soldier looks into washroom mirror with sign around it reading “IF YOU TALK TOO MUCH THIS MAN MAY DIE!”. Encouragement of not spreading information which might be sensitive in the War effort during World War II. Camp Hood, Texas, 1943.